"Remembering who we truly are, to open our hearts, quite our minds and see through the illusion of entrapment roles and forms. When this really happens, we experience unity, suffering is erased and all are nourished." - Ram Das

"Today is yesterday's dreams come true." - Jaya

"There is a basic truth which man can know and which can transform his life if he will become the embodiment of it." - Roy Eugene Davis

About Our Choices in Life

"Conscious Decisions"

"We create our realities through our conscious decisions and intentions. Your expectations will literally predict what will happen to you.

"Your intentions create your experiences.

""Our tastes shift as a result of our spiritual study. We lose desire for mood-altering substances, we're repelled by violence in the media and our attraction to friends and lovers change.

"Our higher vibrational frequency will shift upwards and we will become attracted to higher-vibrating situations, people, food and energies." - Healing with Angels by Doreen Virtue

Health & Wellness come through self-growth and education. Helping people master the fundamentals of optimal health for the body, mind and soul and wellness as a way of life is a gift that I have been blessed with, and I am happy to share with everyone who seeks a healthier, more loving and compassionate lifestyle.

To be a part of something so amazing and life altering brings me great joy and reverence for life, and all its infinite possibilities. I have deep gratitude for all the guidance that has been bestowed upon me and for the blessed opportunities granted me to pass on this simple yet dynamic life changing information.

Based on the idea of integrative health programs, my work uncovers the true toll that an unhealthy lifestyle or way of thinking takes on a person. These forms of habitual thinking styles and other lifestyle choices can be alleviated and/or moderated by a natural change to wellness thinking, and to living a lifestyle that promotes healthy activities for the body, mind and soul.

My Commitment
I am committed to helping others build a foundation of peace, joy and hope in their lives - that is the foundation of my work: Providing others with the keys to unlock their potential, to discover the limitless possibilities that are available for our personal growth, and helping to make this world a healthier place for all.
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