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Beloved Ones, When we stop trying to live up to everyone else expectation – and trying to be what they want us to be -we can allow ourselves the freedom to make choices that support our well-being and life’s journey. What others are actually saying when they want you to be other then you are

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Between Any Situation

Between any situation (conversation, event, activity, experience etc.), there is a space and you can decide if you’re going to react or respond. It may only be a millisecond – but there is a space. Go where you feel comfortable. Do what’s appropriate for you, what feels right. By responding from a place love, compassion,

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Inspired Action

What do you really want ? Read the following and contemplate on what it is that inspires you. The following is what inspires me. I want to be Inspired to motion to new thoughts, to ideas, allowing  feelings of inspiration to arise from with-in me. Inspired to conversation to action. Inspired by creation,new concepts,new views

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