Beloved Ones,

When we stop trying to live up to everyone else expectation – and trying to be what they want us to be -we can allow ourselves the freedom to make choices that support our well-being and life’s journey.

What others are actually saying when they want you to be other then you are is;

“You need to be what I want you to be so I can be ok.”

It dose not matter what other people think of you, what really matters is what you think of you. It will determine how you view the world and the choices you make.

You do a greater service for others when you are balanced, calm and present.

This is your life – slow down a bit and start to pay attention to what works for you.

We all are the maker and keeper of our own destiny. Walk the earth with ease and relax into life. You will then be guided towards a deeper understanding of your place and purpose in this life.

So much LOVE…


Between Any Situation

Between any situation (conversation, event, activity, experience etc.), there is a space and you can decide if you’re going to react or respond. It may only be a millisecond – but there is a space. Go where you feel comfortable. Do what’s appropriate for you, what feels right.

By responding from a place love, compassion, clarity, peace and kindness you change the whole experience. New understanding will arise from with-in you.

Once you have made a commitment to yourself to respond to any situation with love, compassion, clarity, peace, and kindness, you’ll notice that there is clear decision point at which growth takes place and you will start to feel different, your energy will be more relaxed and clam. Clarity will arise in the mind and you will become more open to new ideas and suggestions from insights and intuition.

There will be no need to defend, justify, be right, get tense – simply walk away, leave the environment that causes your peace to be disturbed, don’t engage in it.

We all can become conscious of our decisions and choose what best supports our Well-being and the well-being of others.

Many Blessings,
Jaya ♥

Inspired Action

What do you really want ?

Read the following and contemplate on what it is that inspires you.

The following is what inspires me.

I want to be Inspired to motion to new thoughts, to ideas, allowing  feelings of inspiration to arise from with-in me. Inspired to conversation to action. Inspired by creation,new concepts,new views and perceptions, new understandings. Inspired by life…

I want to feel alive, I want to feel glad when I’m awake. I want to have fun with the people I’m with.

I want to be eager, I want to feel good in my body.

I want to love this world I live in. I want to feel good with those I am interacting with.

I want to up lift others, I want to evoke the best from others – I want synergy going on around us.

I want to have fun and enjoy life, and share that joy with others.

*Activate with-in yourself what you want to experience…
Peace & Joy