Inspired Action

What do you really want ?

Read the following and contemplate on what it is that inspires you.

The following is what inspires me.

I want to be Inspired to motion to new thoughts, to ideas, allowing  feelings of inspiration to arise from with-in me. Inspired to conversation to action. Inspired by creation,new concepts,new views and perceptions, new understandings. Inspired by life…

I want to feel alive, I want to feel glad when I’m awake. I want to have fun with the people I’m with.

I want to be eager, I want to feel good in my body.

I want to love this world I live in. I want to feel good with those I am interacting with.

I want to up lift others, I want to evoke the best from others – I want synergy going on around us.

I want to have fun and enjoy life, and share that joy with others.

*Activate with-in yourself what you want to experience…
Peace & Joy