Between Any Situation

Between any situation (conversation, event, activity, experience etc.), there is a space and you can decide if you’re going to react or respond. It may only be a millisecond – but there is a space. Go where you feel comfortable. Do what’s appropriate for you, what feels right.

By responding from a place love, compassion, clarity, peace and kindness you change the whole experience. New understanding will arise from with-in you.

Once you have made a commitment to yourself to respond to any situation with love, compassion, clarity, peace, and kindness, you’ll notice that there is clear decision point at which growth takes place and you will start to feel different, your energy will be more relaxed and clam. Clarity will arise in the mind and you will become more open to new ideas and suggestions from insights and intuition.

There will be no need to defend, justify, be right, get tense – simply walk away, leave the environment that causes your peace to be disturbed, don’t engage in it.

We all can become conscious of our decisions and choose what best supports our Well-being and the well-being of others.

Many Blessings,
Jaya ♥