Nature’s Intelligence

“Nature and our soul has an intelligence which is infinite, compared to the intelligence which we (ego, limited conceptual mind) exhibit. For instance, the combined intelligence of the human race could not create the life of a plant, yet the intelligence of the creative soil of the earth will produce as many for us as we ask, when we plant the seed of that which we wish to have created.”

Ernest Holmes: The Science of the Mind


We can also contribute that same intelligence which holds good in that greater creative awareness, that we all have access to.

So it is to our advantage when we are very mindful of what we are creating with our thoughts, words, deeds, and actions. Just Say-in, Woo-Hoo!

*MINDFULNESS: Hummmm – What a concept. To be mindful of what we are thinking about and doing. So does that means we create what we think about? You decide…