Let’s come together and open our hearts for ourselves as well as others

To find peace within ourselves, to be compassionate towards ourselves, to let go, forgive, and live freely with an open heart.

Sounds good – but how is this possible?

Well, Yoga is one way to open up avenues in oneself and allow new understandings of acceptance, love, and peace of mind, body & spirit.

The practices of Yoga can:

  • Calming the Mind—breathing practices to replace anxiety with composure and strength
  • Facing Challenges—cultivating courage and compassion to transform your relationship to adversity
  • Opening the Heart—a self-directed loving kindness meditation

Practicing Yoga doesn’t remove us from the ups and downs of life, but it provides a way to understand ourselves more fully, to care more deeply for ourselves and others, and to experience awareness and love. We can find respite where needed and room to breathe, through the practice of Yoga.