“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Boy – Do – I love that!  Jiddu Krishnamuri speaks words of truth.

So my question would be – How do we adjust to a profoundly healthy & happy society?

It starts with-in each of us.

Hummm – Maybe we can try, integration and union of self along with acceptance of what is in any situation life presents – which will allow wisdom and knowledge to arise, allowing for solutions, some of which are yet to be born.

This would create an awareness of how to experience health and happiness in our life.

We can begin with ourselves, by creating wellness within.

It is resisting events in our lives, which creates conflict and resistance to what is.

How does one bring about integration and union of self – you ask? One might say that mindful awareness (becoming conscious of one’s thoughts), allows you to make choices that support health & wellness. And realize that we can fully participate in our health and wellness by being open and receptive to change, allowing the flow of life into our experience – open to the possibilities – making space to find freedom to explore and create.

What are some things you can let go of from your life today—physical or otherwise—to create space for something new to come in, or to open up stuck energy?

Lovingkindness towards self will go a long way when making any changes be it physical, emotional, spiritual.

Just try it…


Peace & Love,