Time to Let the Good In…

Good Day Everyone,

Something to ponder on…aDo you feel the aliveness of life today, are you enlivened by the possibilities of experiencing the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual?

If by some slim chance you’re not, find a moment today, preferably outside. Take in a few deep relaxing breaths, close your eyes as you take in a few more deep relaxing breath, as you let go of any tension you may be feeling, relax into this moment. Feel life teaming in and all around you. Open your eyes and look up to the sky, breath in the abundance of fresh air available.

You just may gain new insights and clarity that wasn’t there a moment ago.

FYI –  37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second in the human body.  And with each and every breath you take you are affecting those reactions. Therefore you have control over the way you feel at any moment in time. With just a few relaxing full deep breaths you can signal the relaxation response of the body and mind, creating clarity and ease. Yep – Good to know. YOU Decide how you wish to feel.

It’s time to let the good in,