Awakening Consciousness & Yoga

Inner Realization for Well-being: Becoming unattached to our outer world for our own well-being leads to unconditional happiness, joy, and availability to love. It results in better health and a better life experience in every aspects of our lives.

When the importants of our existence is attached to the outside world it will become driven by insecurity and fear. We might compromise our health for successful career, or compromise our relationships in order to feel validated. In these scenarios, we might be "successful," but we won't have intimacy with our deep knowledge of self.

Opening up to our inner world, (how we feel inside) and seeking to find our souls guidance's allows us to experience the vibrational frequencies of healing and creativity at the cellular level. Awakening a place of deep wisdom and knowledge allowing us to heal any past emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

Ok - so where to start: Understanding that the subconscious mind & body controls the unconscious functions of the mind & body - including things like heartbeat, breathing, and digestion can be controlled with our awakened consciousness. Sounds pretty easy UH? This is where our wellness practice come in.

Because of old habitual patterns of thought, feeling and behaviors, we become conditioned to a set of memorized patterns. Breaking those patterns that know longer serve us and that may even cause harm to us can be a bit challenging, to say the least, (sigh).

The Good News is that it is possible for anyone to make the necessary changing that supports a healthy live physically, mentally and spiritual.

We can start with living from the vibration of love for healing and creating in your life. Flowing that energy into every aspect of life.

Heart Coherence Breath - Slowly breath in white healing light into the heart and slowing exhaling the warmth of that love throughout the whole body - connecting higher vibrational energies, cultivating inner wisdom creating a sense of awareness from with-in. When breathing with awareness, a vital energy flows through the body, intentionally activating every aspect of our wholeness.

Qualities of Heart Coherence Breath: Compassion, unconditional love for self and others. Awareness of Knowledge that "Everything is a reflection of the Divine, and is always in my favor."

Yoga Poses:
*Triangle Pose
*Thread the Needle
*Fish Pose
*Reclined Spinal Twist

Central Channel Breathing - Slowly follow your breath with conscious attention all the up and down the central channel (the spinal column) - connecting to subtle, higher vibrational energies of the universe with the grounding physical energies within the body and earth itself, creating a pathway for deeper integration of these various energies that are a part of you.

Qualities of Central Channel Breathing: Self-mastery, high physical energy, groundedness, vibrant health. This is my journey," I create what I choose to experience."

Yoga Poses:
*Chair pose
*Warrior 1
*Pyramid Pose
*Tree Pose
*Standing Forward Bend

Living from a place of wisdom and awareness cultivates greater clarity and inner awareness, so that we can read the subtle energy messages of own body.

The health of our physical body is so important to having a joyful life, yet many of us experience physical, mental and spiritual challenges when we're out of balance energetically. With information and knowledge, we learn how to better listen and understand our bodies and what we need to balance our lives -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually -in turn helping us to lead our most healthful, happy and joyful life.

Heart Coherence Breath & Central Channel Breathing with warm up poses at the beginning and balance pose at the end of the Yoga practice.