The choices you make and the action you take towards your dreams and goals are always completely up to you. You determine which ones are right and which ones are wrong for you based on your true intent.

The only thing that stops you at this point is fear. When standing at the front door of any change, there may be fear of leaving the known self and moving to an unknown self.

This is when your thoughts will try to hold you back by telling you what is not possible, what you are not capable of, and what you don't deserve.

Your potential to experience more of you is limited only by you

No matter what has occurred in your life, in this moment you are worthy of any possibility.

Faith and unconditional love and acceptance of the self as perfect and complete in each and every moment.

Embracing the energy of faith is the tipping point to a new experience of life. The unconditional acceptance of each moment of our lives is the creative path to a peaceful and harmonious way of life.

Every moment of your life holds the opportunity for endless possibilities. This faith originates from the realization and acceptance of your worth and ability to experience more of what's possible for you.

Book "I Am"
By Howard Falco