Greenleaf Wellness Program in Mitchell, SD

Greenleaf wellness pilot project is in the beginning stages - it is designed to connect a healthy lifestyle with the State Parks environment.

Greenleaf Wellness: A Wellness program that is planned to inspire individuals, families, organizations and communities to come together for the well-being of all. The activities emphasize and encourage people to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Greenleaf pilot project involves learning about, understanding and supporting well-being of the body, mind and spirit. This includes simple and gentle stress reduction techniques: Yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness, nutritional awareness and time in nature.


A rise and shine Yoga class (get up and get the day started with a peaceful clear mind) followed by an optional nature walk on the spectacular nature trail at your Park. Class would start around 9:00 ?

An evening Yoga class for relaxing the body, mine and soul. Followed by an optional nature walk. Class would start around 7:00 ?

* The Yoga classes are a gentle relaxing class for all ages, where
you can experience peace and harmony : Mind, body and spirit.

* I could also offer mini Wellness talks with varied subjects:
Yoga, nutrition, exercise, how to live a healthy lifestyle, physically,
mentally and spiritually.

A typical program would include a morning and or evening Yoga class, followed by a nature walk or hike.

Paula K. holds a BS degree in Health & Wellness and has a deep appreciation of nature and its healing properties(wisdom). Her years of experience add to the knowledge needed to support the quality of wellbeing for all.

Reconnecting with nature and its wisdom...