Promoting Wellness

Moving Towards a Greater Level of Health

-Understanding Health & Well-being and the affect is has on Healing Trauma and reducing stress in the Mind, Body & Spirit.

It is not about changing who we are it’s about understanding who we are and the amazing ability we have as human-beings to shape our life experiences.

How is this possible?


By realizing that what we think and feel matters, since feelings are a reflection of thoughts - knowing this - we can become consciously aware of what we choose to think about, and the experiences we want to have. And understand the direct effect our -

Thoughts / Senses
Beliefs & Perceptions has on our Health & Well-being.

To understand what this is all about we need to look at basic Human Anatomy.

The Brain & Mind


The human brain, an amazing complex and extraordinary electrical and chemical command center, composed of over
200 billion cells, called neurons. So fascinating.

Science is now showing that:

Our conscious mind (what we are aware of) is running the show 5% of the time while our subconscious mind (what we are not aware of) is running the show 95% of the time. So what does that mean?

Conscious Mind (Neocortex) - 5%
cognitive abilities -the way we think, feel & behave.

Subconscious Mind (Limbic & Reptilian) - 95 %
Autonomic Response, base of our emotions

Subconscious Mind 95 %
Autonomic Responses which consist of
* Our Skills
* Habitual Habits
* Emotional Reactions
* Hard-wired Behaviors
* Conditioned Responses
* Associated Memories/Past Traumas
* Routine Thoughts
* Feelings
* Attitudes
* Beliefs
*And our Perceptions

Our Perceptions, how we perceive reality, is what we believe to be true, it becomes subjective. Our Perceptions are a combination of all the above subconscious experiences, creating our personal reality. The following is how we create a perception.

We have a Thought → Which Create a Feeling → Which Create an Emotion → Which then forms a Belief → Creating our Behavior → Which becomes Habitual → and Eventually our State of Being (how we think, feel and act) → All this becomes our Personality or our Personal Reality. How we perceive reality and our environment around us.

Our internal environment, how we feel, our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions,
all has an influence on how we interact with our external environment the world around us.

This is where the mind and body’s biology (the way the mind and body functions) comes in. When we think our thoughts and feel our feelings, our bodies are responding to a complex formula of biochemical changes with-in the mind & body & spirit.

The health and well-being of the

and Spirit

is in how we choose to live our life.

The thoughts we think, choices we make, emotions we feel, and actions we take all filter through the brain. (With is billions of cells called neurons.)

The Brain

In most cases the brain is working out of emotional responses, subconscious conditioned habitual habits and reactions. Instead of creativity, growth and healing.

For Example: the Amygdala which is part of the limbic system within the brain; responsible for detecting fear and preparing us for the fight or flight response triggering the HPA Axis response which plays a big role in our perception of fear, which can become a conditioned habitual reaction, releasing fear and stress hormones in the body on a continuum, we then remain in a state of high alert or survival mode. ( let look at this for a moment - HPA Axil)


Our emotions are a reflection of our thoughts. So what we think we feel in our bodies. Thoughts are biochemical messengers called neuro- peptides. And our thoughts create emotions which are biochemical links to the nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems, all responding to what we think and how perceive our environment. Knowing this we can begin to understand the following.

How Trauma can keep us stuck in the past

Emotions especially highly charged emotions from trauma & chronic stress (worry, fear, doubt, anxiety etc.) become a record of the past, and are stored in the body. We then are recreating from and living in the past. Creating a negative feedback loop where the mind and body are reacting from past experiences, repeating survival based emotions of fear.

And we cannot think greater than we feel: This function of the human body and mind can keep a person stuck in old habitual patterns of trauma & chronic stress (worry, fear and survival mode), low self-esteem, unworthiness, doubt, anxiety, etc.

I call this our inner blue print - our individual biology

How we think and feel shapes our experiences. What’s good to know is we can change the design of our inner blue print.

In the field of Neuroscience (study of the brain), It’s called neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to form new connections throughout life), also know as neurosculpting.

We all have the ability to change our blue print. Creating a state of well-being for the mind, body & spirit, is possible for everyone.
Realizing this lets us look at the different Emotions and how they affect us.

Elevated Emotions
(Are Creative & Allow Growth & Healing)


Limited Emotions
(Survive - Fear Based)

Elevated Emotions are Healthy they allow Growth, Healing and Creativity Feelings of:

Love / faith
Well-Being - all bring about wellness of the mind body & spirit.

Healthy emotions create a space for growth, understanding, creativity, insight, intuition, wholeness, learning, knowledge and healing, to be called forth and experienced in our daily life.

Limited Emotions - Survival fear based Emotions

Mostly Subconscious - Automatic, Habitual and Conditioned Emotional Reactions.

Feelings of:
Doubt / Fear
Anger / Insecurity
Worry / Anxiety
Guilt / Shame
Lust / Desire

Survival emotions are derived primarily from the stress hormones, created by the why we think and feel, they tend to endorse more limited states of mind and body (usually subconscious states).

However, when we embrace elevated, more creative emotions.
We can change our biology to a different hormonal center, the physiology (chemical process in our mind & body’s) changes to a healthily state of being, our heart begins to open, we feel safe, we can relax, growth and repair begins to be expressed in he mind and body.

We become more conscious of our thoughts, words and actions. And the quality our life experience. We can begin to make choices, conscious decisions that will allow Well-being to be experience in all aspects of our life.

Health Consequence of Trauma & Chronic Stress

Physically: (In our bodies)
Weakened immune system
Restricted Digestive system: reduces nutrient absorption
Reduced, deregulated reproductive hormones
Increased vulnerabilities in cardiovascular system
Disturbed nervous system

Mentally: (in our mind)
Lower mood: increased pessimism
Increased anxiety and irritability
Learned helplessness (especially if no escape from trauma)
Reduced approach behaviors (exploratory behaviors, reaching out)
Increased aversion (strong feeling of dislike, opposition, repugnance, and antipathy)

Negative emotions stored throughout the mind & body creates stress physically, emotionally and mentally. And over time, eventually becomes hard-wired conditioned responses of the body and mind.

The effects of emotions are very powerful on our autonomic Nervous System.

You know you're under stress when you are feeling:

fear / worry

Our Thoughts, feelings and emotions and what we experience through our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) not only affect every organ of our body but our roughly 37.2 trillion cells in the whole body.

Autonomic Nervous System

Parasympathetic - Relaxation Response
Sympathetic - Fight or Flight

By thought alone, we either enhance or restrict the health and well-being of all of our organs.

The first step to realizing that we have the option to change the way we feel, think and act is to becoming consciously aware of our thoughts, our emotions, and how we are feeling. This is a big step towards healing trauma and reducing stress.

If we can turn on the stress response by thought alone, we can also create wellness by thought alone. Feeling of Wellness:


We can start to respond to our life’s experiences differently and rewire the brain, (through neuroplasticity - the power we have to shape our brain) conditioning it to a brighter future Right Now by thinking and feeling positive thoughts. We can begin with Hope for a brighter future.

Nourishing a foundation of peace, joy and fulfillment, changing how we relate to the world and ourselves is the most important aspect of living a life of harmony, inner peace, health and wellness. All of which enhances our immune response, relaxes the nervous system allow healing to take place.

With this new awareness we a can bring about opportunities to make different choices. How we feel inside about ourselves is reflected out into the external world. And we all deserve to be happy and healthy.