Importance of Breathing

What it will do for you?

The body has it’s own healing potential to express itself, when we rely on the body’s innate potential for maintaining health and over coming illness.

We need oxygen to burn the fuel we eat, that’s why deep breathing is so important for the health of the entire body. The healing system depends on the circulation of blood to bring energy, nourishment, oxygen, and immune activity to the different parts of the body to maintain health, and deep breathing helps facilitate this process.

Breathing may be the master function of the body, affecting the whole body’s wellness. Breathing - Elevates your emotions and energizes your body

Benefits of Mindful Breathing:

  • Relaxes and calms you.
  • This relaxation is of a active rather then a passive kind. It will retune and reset your brain so that correct decision will flow automatically in a crisis situation
  • Filling of the lungs to capacity will feed your electromagnetic field. Revitalizing and readjusting your magnetic field will make you less liable to fall victim to accidents, sickness and negativity.
  • Pumps the spinal fluid to the brain, giving greater energy.
  • Regulates the body's pH (acid/alkalinity) which affects your ability to handle stressful situation.
  • Reduces and prevents toxic buildup caused by not clearing mucous linings of the small air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs.
  • Stimulates the production of chemicals (endorphins) in the brain, which eliminate the tendency to depression.
  • Cleans the blood.
  • Energizes, gives greater alertness and awareness due to the life force (prana) in oxygen.
  • Gives clarity, cool headedness, and positive energy.
  • Aids in releasing blockage in meridian energy flow.
  • Activates and cleans nerve channels.
  • Aid in speeding up healing, emotional and physical.
  • Aids in breaking subconscious, undesirable, habitual patterns and addictions.
  • Reduces insecurity and fear.
  • Re-channels previous mental conditioning on pain so as to reduce or eliminate pain (i.e. child birth).
  • Restores the aura.
  • Give capacity to control your negativity and emotions.
  • As the lung capacity increases, the pituitary gland will begin to secrete and the intuitional power of the mind will develop.