Moving Towards a Greater Level of Health - Understanding Health and Well-Being

A Wellness Make Over

What can I learn today about my body that can assist me in the process of growth?
Create a healthy, happy, joyful life. - How do you do that? What's the big secret?

The secret to living the life of your dreams is to... start living the life of your dreams. Now. To any degree that you possibly can.
Realize that today, this moment right now, you can choose to create a clear understanding of what you really want.

What in your life would you like to improve?


When you think about being happy, what do you feel?
What would it feel like if you were well-fed and well-nourished?

Imagine a Day in the Life You Dream of Living

Assessing Meaning - Have a clear intention and the willingness to head in that direction.

The Body is designed to be healthy and heal when needed.

In a healthy environment we can all thrive.

What is a healthy environment consist of?

Realizing that as we move our body we need to move our spirit as well, which is a part of our wholeness - or who we are. To be complete we need to nourish our spirit as well.

Wellness is not something someone tells you to do. It comes from you.

Key Components

1. Healthy nutritional habits
2. Yoga and wellness
3. Spiritual awareness Yoga - Breathing - Meditation

We all have the freedom to make choices.

We build our lives on the foundation of our stories, and we always have the option of changing the script at any given moment.

How you interpret who you are in this moment with all your beliefs, perceptions and ideas, is what is determining your present experience of life. It also lays the seeds for your future.

What is relevant, regardless of your path, is your will to let go of a certain limited idea of who you are, in order to make way for something much more expansive.

An expanded awareness of who you are, and what is possible for you in life, is what turns despair and uncertainty into hope and opportunity.

In this more peaceful and balanced state of mind, you're able to make new choices and take the actions that construct a much more fulfilling reality. This is the path to claiming more of the unlimited creative power that is with-in you.

The essence of free will is choosing how you will perceive and react to your experience in every moment.

One simple change can start the ball rolling.

Today is the foundation which you will build upon for the continuing of your well-being.


Happiness: We all want it.
Everyday happiness is woven into the fabric of our brain.
*Solid inner peace
*Unshakable happiness
*Love& Kindness in the heart
* Reliance on inner harmony
* Liberating insights manifest inside the human brain

Skills woven into daily life allowing us to continue to head towards a state of well-being. This is possible for everyone. Use your mind to change your brain.
The way you perceive you current reality either creates harmony in the brain or chaos.

Self-Directed Neuroplasticity

Self-compassion and getting on your own side is your foundation for you in the power of self.

Weaving good things into the everyday fabric of your life.

Explore tools that help you relax and find inner calm, greater joy, and harmony. The resting state of the mind is basically a quality of calm, contentment and caring.