Welcoming Wellness

With new discoveries of ourselves we can create new insights that improve and enhance our life's journey.

We shape our lives by how we think, what we believe and our perceptions.

Just by merely observing our life we can conclude what is shaping our life.

What and or how are you shaping your life?

Balance your mind, body & Spirit for optimal health

We All Can:
* Invite Well-being into our lives.
* Use natural techniques to support healthy lifestyle.


* Increases energy
* Improves concentration and memory
* Promotes weight loss and weight maintenance
* Promotes better sleep
* Supports a healthy immune system
* Helps detoxify the body
*Promotes good digestion and reduces constipation

Engaging in our Well-Being promotes a healthy, happy, joyful life experience.
Begin the journey NOW..

Living a live of Health & Wellness allows us to experience our fullest potential and to be free to be ourselves, we can then relate to others at a deeper level of understanding.

When we feel love and kindness, the freedom to be fully alive and whole, to exploring new avenues, have new awakenings, expand our consciousness - we are now eager to share with others and encourage them to experience their freedom and live their passions.

Enjoy restoring and increasing energy when your tired, increase your vitality, keep your immune system strong, and reduce stress in the body and mind.

Tools for getting and staying Healthy

* Yoga
* Time in Nature
* Healthy Nutrition
* Exercise Routine - Walking/biking/swimming
* Healthy Breathing Practice
* Energy Medicine

Experience well-being of the body, mind & spirit in gentle, kind, loving ways.

A sensible guide to beginning the path to Health and Wellness begins with assisting our body and mind's inherent quality of optimal health by making simple easy to do lifestyle changes that supports the body, mind & spirits health & well-being.

Stress Reducing Technique

An easy way to quiet and center yourself

We can use different Stress Reducing Techniques that move us along in a positive direction with peace of mind and clarity. One simple technique is Bellie Breathing.


Bellie breathing changes the bio-chemistry of the body, creating a sense of relaxes calm and clear thinking.

Inhale a slow relaxed breaths down ↓ into the lower bellie (expanding the bellie out) and exhale down ↓ into the earth grounded ourselves.

And when we breath back in we bring up ↑ from the earth a full relax breath back into the lower bellie and then exhale through the bellie, heart, throat, mind and out through the top of our head expanding our awareness.

Breathing Through Energy Center in the Body

Heart - Love: Qualities of compassion, kindness, consideration, connection. (4th Chakra)

Stomach area - Personal power: I'm ok, What I feel and want to choose is good enough. I can carve out my path on my journey in life as I choose to. (3rd Chakra) Gut Feelings

Lower Bellie - Wisdom, Creativity
(2nd Chakra)

Balancing the Mind, Body and Breath
allows for creative endeavor and solutions to arise.

Clear Direction → for Well-being

Inner Peace, Balance, Vibrant Health

Clear Direction Statement
How can I provide clear direction for enhancing My Health & Well-being?
Set a Clear Direction

By creating new habits of thinking and being you can overcome any and all obstacles and create inner peace, balance, vibrant health.

Create your own Clear Direction Statement. By holding your new thought (Clear Direction Statement) as an image in your mind and feeling it in your heart, seeing yourself as whole and healthy!